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If you happen to have a transit flight at BKK during the midnight and you’d like to have a decent budget place to crash for just few hours, then “Boxtel" is all you need to know!



BKK機場內的過境旅館有兩個,1)諾富華飯店Novotel 2)Boxtel。我自己是超過12小時才會考慮住比較好的;3-6小時的話,非常推薦去Boxtel小睡一下;如果只是1-2個小時想休息一下,往過境旅館的路上還有可躺平的泰式按摩可以選擇。


Midnight transit in Bangkok? “Boxtel" provides a new option for a decent short sleep.

From Taipei to Stockholm, Norwegian Air is my recent fav, while transiting in Bangkok BKK, a 8-hour wait in the midnight might put you in a dilemma of “too short for leaving the airport" and “too long for sitting and walking around".

If you are thinking an new alternative for a short rest, Boxtel is there for you besides the airport hotel Novotel. A bed in a private space, 2 power sockets to charge your phone and laptop; it’s clean, simple, easy to access.

地點/ Where to find it?

Boxtel的地點在出境大廳的最底層B1,往諾富華NovotelAirport Rail link機場捷運快線的路上,這一區有特別標示是安靜區,往來的人大多只有要去諾富華飯店Novotel的人,和住Boxtel、要去機場洗手間盥洗的人。

It’s at the bottom floor, B1, of the BKK airport, keep walking towards ”Airport Rail link“ and you will see the huge wooden box-like rooms and the light blue check-in counter.

費用/ Room Rate


Hourly rate from 2 hours, the picture below is the price in 2018 July.
Payment by credit card or Thai currency THB.
A sound reminder will be played in your room when it’s 15 mins left, overtime check-out will incur the charge for 1 hour.


房間裡有什麼?/ How’s the room like?

在付完費用、提供押金(任何幣別)之後,櫃檯人員會帶你去你的小BOX打開門,房間內有:一張大單人床、一條走道、外用插座兩個 check-in時附一瓶500mL的礦泉水。洗手間和盥洗使用機場的,就在房間附近。

我173cm/ 56kg,床的空間對我來說綽綽有餘,如果是超過190的男生,可能可以問一下櫃檯有沒有長一點的床。

After the payment and leaving the refundable deposit (any currency is fine), you will be led to your “box", a room with a single bed, a small space for your suitcase, 2 power sockets and a bottle of water. Airport washroom is 20 meters away from the room.

Bed size: it’s quite spacious for me – 173cm(5’8″ )/ 56kg (123 lb.)
If you are taller than 190cm, please ask if there is bigger bed for you.

隔音/ Soundproof effect?


To be very honest, you can hear people’s suitcase wheeling by or if anyone running by. But the good thing is, the area is marked Quiet Area to remind people and the only one who walk by in the middle of the night will be your Boxtel fellows and people heading to Novotel.

Because the Airport Rail link does not run at night so not much traffic, I slept quite well in my past experiences.

還會再回去嗎?/ Will I use it again?

會,這次是第二次使用,還是覺得很乾脆的服務,一個可以安全躺平睡覺的空間。這次買四小時,熟睡。推薦給去曼谷轉機的你,可以試試看喲!當然如果你有你的秘密地點,也記得跟喬西分享喔!  🙂 

Yes. It’s clean, generally quiet and I can lie down to have a proper sleep.

So if you ever transit in Bangkok BKK airport in the midnight, this would be something new for you to try!

Don’t forget to give me a shout and more than welcome to share your secret resting spot below!





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