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Please make sure you mark this as a must-visit in your map: “Stockholm in Summer". Especially for those into designs and so-called good life, this is one of the city you can’t afford to miss. It set its beauty in serenity, classic and modern with harmony. If you like this atmosphere floating in the air, then you will feel like home in Stockholm.


My dear family, i wish you could be here to share this joy with me. Are you ready to travel together?




Traveling around the world: 8th day
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

29th country ever visited. 9 July 2018, This city climbs up to the billboard and becomes my top 5 must-visit city.

Classy, simple and long-lasting, considering Stockholm a comfortable and safe city, where the applied aesthetics could be seen everywhere. This is the place where you would feel like home if modern design and simplicity is so your thing. Here are some fun facts about this place I wanna share with you to make you like it as well!

(Reminder: please brace yourself financially, or don’t calculate, de-activate currency exchange function in your head first.)

1 創新、科技,無現金之外還有黑科技
1 Innovation & technology, cashless and more? fictional microchip implant now





Buses here in Sweden don’t sell tickets onboard.

After the launch of Swish in 2012 (by central bank and other 6 different banks, no fund from venture capital involved) and its prevalence, you see people pay with plastic, mobile phones and other alternative ways, in 2016, according to JP Morgan report, only 7% of the total transaction value in that year was in cash national-wise.

So, back to our bus ticket, remember to buy it on the app – SL public transportation app.

While amazed by how cashless a nation could be, check this fictional feature – microchip implant in your hand.


In May 2018, 3000 Swedes inserted microchips into their hands, aiming to replace cards, coins, keys, and yes, your wallet. So you bring your hand, less hassle for searching…huh…everything in your pocket.

Below here are 2 videos to show you the future is now happening and the concerns related to health and data security.

Sweden microchip implants

圖片來源 media source : CBS News

螢幕快照 2018-07-14 下午8.18.40
圖片來源 media source : AFP News agency 


2 長日照,夏天一定要來!永晝、接近永晝。一天當兩天用。
2 Summer in Nordic region? Daytime doubled!





Hey, mom, could you imagine the sun goes down at 10:30 p.m.? 11:30 p.m. you can take a relaxing walk after a day out. You could also catch the sunrise at 3:30 a.m. after a movie night.

As a tourist, this endless bright sky double your time. Here in summer, you feel the time is in your hand, in your control. It’s such a luxurious way to say: now I am tired after a day of exploring the city.


photo taken at 22:00 mid July 2018/ 照片時間:2018年7月9日晚上10:00

3 與自然和平相處/ the harmony between human and natures


第一天,airbnb的女主人就跟我說家附近有三個開放水域,下午可以走路去游泳 (嗯?臺北人表示:你說什麼?);這三天,我觀察她的活動有:上午在陽台曬太陽看書、下午去住家附近的湖邊游泳曬太陽閱讀、接著上帆船出海兩天、晚上去跳阿根挺探戈、睡前泡杯熱茶再好好閱讀一番。



I’ve been to many cities in Europe, Stockholm is the best in terms of the harmony between human and the environments.

Maybe because Stockholm consists of many archipelagos, people are close to water. Walking on the bridge, I saw people kayaking and SUP in the water. Suggested by my airbnb host, swimming in the open water nearby the house is a local thing to do. (People from Taipei would never think about it!)

And the animals? One day, a flock of ducks walked pass the traffic light, walked pass by me and other pedestrians, slowly peacefully towards water, as if they are the fellow walkers on this street.

Not approaching for food, neither seem alerted when passing by human. It makes me believe that the human and the environment must respect each other for a long time to reach this state.




About Sweden, to be continued/ 瑞典,未完待續





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